• 4 sheets neutral sospeso transparente
4 sheets neutral sospeso transparente

Sospeso Transparente

4 sheets neutral sospeso transparente

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Reference: STN

Size: 21x29,5 cm

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It is a sheet of clear plastic and formable neutral color using a heat source, a completely new technique in the field of crafts. Parts made of the neutral sheet let in a little light.

Before joining the sheet you can paste decoupage papers or napkins over with the help of a special glue for transparent sospeso. Apply a layer of glue, or paper napkin place it always the good side facing upward and back to apply another layer of glue over as if you did decoupage. You must wait a day for it to dry and the next day you can already cut sospeso start modeling and design.

The basic tools for this technique are: wood chisels and foam sheet.

Blister 4 sheets 21x29,5 cm

Brand: Monica Allegro

Reference: STN