• Kit 4 quilling tools
Kit 4 quilling tools

Karen Marie Klip

Kit 4 quilling tools

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Size: 28x28 cm

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A very good start to begin with start Quilling technique!

Mixed template for quilling
Stencil template quilling 29 holes
Punch for Karen Marie quilling
Quilling magazine number 2 with a lot of steps in Spanish!

You will also need glue for paper, double-sided adhesive tape and quilling comb.

The magazine consists of 24 pages. Here you can see the different models, beautiful figures and how the tools are used. Everything I sign with images, step by step and texts in Spanish!

The punch for Karen Marie quilling is very suitable for beginners and children. It is 9 cm long and is plastic. It fits comfortably in the hand. The paper strips come very easily into the groove of the punch so you can work comfortably.

The stencil holes 29 Quiling template Karen Marie is manufactured from cardboard and with 29 holes of 5 mm diameter to 50 mm. There are several holes with the same diameter, so you can do more pieces at once.

The mixed template for quilling is a piece of cardboard 29.5 x 30.2 cm with 4 sheets with different designs. You can take the designs of the plastic wrap and turn. Always keep the plastic wrap to protect the leaves from the queue. This tool is super good to make a lot quilling figures, flowers, owls, stars ....

Brand: Karen Marie

Ref. 55020