• Sand 75 gr
Sand 75 gr


Sand 75 gr
From 1,37€ (TAX included)

Colored sand Art-works offers you the original paint technique without brushes. Sand Art-works is a new choose, young, made and developed by ARENART, which lets you to create Art-pictures not lower quaility than other traditionals paint techniques.

With colored sand you can decorate any surface like wood, methacrylate, glass, etc, applying previously the Mixtion waterbased varnish with a brush (you can wath this explanatoriy VIDEO)

You also can texture and make reliefs mixing the sand with Transparent Texture, getting the wished effect without changing the original color of the sand (you can wath the explanatoriy VIDEO).

Colorchart is composed by 25 normal colors.

Ref. A75



Ref. Color   Price Quantity    
A75-01 Turquoise blue 1,37€
A75-02 White 1,37€
A75-05 Dark green 1,37€
A75-06 Medium green 1,37€
A75-08 Olive green 1,37€
A75-09 Yellow ochre 1,37€
A75-10 Flesh 1,37€
A75-11 Light flesh 1,37€
A75-12 Black 1,37€
A75-13 Sky blue 1,37€
A75-14 Medium grey 1,37€
A75-15 Light grey 1,37€
A75-16 Brick red 1,37€
Ref. Color   Price    
A75-18 Dark brown 1,37€
A75-19 Medium brown 1,37€
A75-21 Light violet 1,37€
A75-23 Intense blue 1,37€
A75-24 Burgundy 1,37€
A75-25 Silvia red 1,37€
A75-27 Light olive green 1,37€
A75-30 Lilac 1,37€
A75-36 Red 1,37€
A75-38 Light orange 1,37€
A75-39 Light pink 1,37€
A75-40 Eskol yellow 1,37€